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Friday, May 8, 2020

Globalisation and its impact essay

Globalization is a process of unification and integration that extends to all spheres of life (economic, political, social, cultural, religious). Thanks to this phenomenon, the mutual influence of all these areas is increasing not only within the framework of one state, but also on a global scale. For the first time the term "globalization" in the modern sense was used by Karl Marx in the late 1850s. However, this process really began only from the moment of transition from the industrial type of society to the information one. First of all, this is of course connected with the development of technologies and means of communication. The advent of television and the Internet has significantly reduced the distance between different countries, providing them with a single platform for communication. The rapprochement of states distant from each other led to the creation of a single trade space, organized taking into account the international division of labor. Thus, the market economy has received global status. In many ways, the formation of the world economy was facilitated by the activities of international transnational corporations. Branches and enterprises of these companies are located around the world, and their products are still in demand in most countries. Such corporations include such well-known companies as General Motors, Coca-Cola, Xerox, Samsung, etc. TNCs include not only companies engaged in the production of anything, but also multinational banks, various funds and insurance organizations. 

Globalization as a social phenomenon originated in ancient times. Certain features of this process can be found in antiquity. An example here is the Roman Empire with its hegemony over the Mediterranean. As a result of the subordination of the inhabitants of this region, a gradual rapprochement of cultures took place and the division of labor began to take place. At the beginning of the 21st century, the theory of global society gained great popularity. The idea that every person is a citizen of the united people of the Earth was expressed in ancient times by the philosopher and thinker Diogenes. According to this concept, the whole world is a single space, divided into a large number of local societies, that is, in other words, countries. From this point of view, the process of globalization is presented as a natural transformation of the economy, a natural stage in its development. The development of the modern world takes place in the conditions of dense cultural rapprochement of various countries. Mutual influence occurs at all levels of the organization of society, in all spheres of life. The penetration of the cultural traditions of different states into each other contributes to the rallying and rapprochement of people with different mentality. Studying the process of globalization, scientists have established a number of positive and negative trends in this phenomenon. 1. One of the most significant changes that have occurred as a result of the integration of countries is the international division of labor. As a result of this, each state received its specialization in the world market. Such conditions contributed to lower production costs and efficient allocation of resources. 

there is a de-industrialization of the economy 
Health features, possible inherent diseases 
bad taste in the mouth 
Inulin and Portalak 
Weakening nation states 
Heart attack ischemia 
As a result, the standard of living of the population in many countries has become higher. 2. Due to the fact that the economy has acquired global status, the volume and choice of goods in the market has increased. 3. A large number of proposals led the world market to conscious competition. This phenomenon has become an incentive for technical development. Under such conditions, the growth rate of the economy increases significantly. In addition, competition is beneficial to consumers, because thanks to it there is a choice, and prices are reduced. Reducing the cost of manufacturing a particular product was made possible thanks to the location of the enterprise in the country or region where production will be as cheap as possible. Such rationalization contributed to an increase in labor productivity. 4. The process of globalization has led to improved living standards in many fears. Life expectancy has increased, the rate of child and maternal mortality has decreased, and the percentage of literate people has significantly increased. 5. The creation of an international space has led to the formation of conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual assistance. 6. Thanks to the Internet, mankind has gained access to all the information accumulated by previous generations. This in turn made it possible to make the education process faster and more convenient. 

As a result, the development of new technologies began to gain more and more turnover. Every year, the speed of technological progress increases, which will undoubtedly lead to a transition of mankind to a new level in the near future. 7. All technological advances spread across the globe with great speed. This leads to the fact that progress in various states occurs more or less evenly. Almost all countries of the civilized world have identical technological security. It is moreapplies to Western countries. Many developing countries today are far from this level of improvement. However, at present there is a tendency for the transition of third world countries to a more progressive lifestyle. 8. Globalization has led to the creation of a unified cultural space between different states and continents. Thanks to this, people got the opportunity to get to know each other better. And with the development of international tourism, we were able to get acquainted with representatives of other countries personally. 9. The unification of the worldspace has become a solid foundation for solving global problems. For example, such as: environmental pollution, terrorism, hunger, etc. This is due to the common focus of various countries of the world, coordination of actions and allocation of resources. 

Why weapons should be banned essay

why weapons should be banned
To date, questions regarding the storage of civilian weapons at home have not lost their relevance, and they are of interest not only to newly made hunters, but also to experienced amateurs. The best option to follow the letter of the law is to keep in constant contact with the licensing department. Unfortunately, the provisions in legislative acts are interpreted differently in different regions, since there are a lot of controversial issues in the text of these provisions. Only a comprehensive analysis of all existing regulations will allow us to remove those gaps over which disputes often arise. The main norm on which the entire legislative framework is based is set out in the law on weapons. The specific text regarding the storage of official or civilian weapons is available in article 22 of this law. The rules for storing cartridges for acquired weapons are also defined here. If we consider traumatic weapons, then we should generalize the concept a little. Recently, such terminology is no longer applied, and the usual traumatism is defined in the class of firearms of limited destruction. Initially, the owner must be vested with storage rights. For this, he receives a special license in the LRR department. In turn, we note that weapons that are not subject to registration can be stored without relevant permits, and security issues are defined in unwritten rules.

There are no separate points in the law on weapons that can be considered as rules. It says that when storing civilian and service weapons, it is necessary to ensure the proper degree of security, as well as take measures to ensure its safety. Looking ahead, we note that the controlling authorities only recognize the presence of a metal safe from all measures, and in the case of storage of service armaments or a large arsenal (collection) - security alarm. The mentioned law is not the only norm. It is practically duplicated by government decree No. 814 of July 21, 1998, as well as an internal order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs approving the instruction. And already from the first requirements, controversies and disputes begin to develop. To fulfill legal requirements, theoretically, a citizen is obliged to provide round-the-clock protection of the safe. According to experts, even a safe is not a reliable protection for weapons, and you can open it in a few seconds. But we skip this question, because in reality, citizens are only able to equip a metal box or safe. Turning to a direct consideration of the main issue, we note that the rules for storing weapons, as well as cartridges purchased for a given weapon, consider their contents at the place of residence of the owner, this rule is considered the main one. The owner is even allowed to register weapons at the place of temporary registration. Police officers have the right to regularly check the conditions of the weapons.

Rights of the accused, incl. right to jury trial
The right to store and carry weapons
primarily low-powered airguns
as well as revolvers with a caliber of less than 6 mm
Such indirect information in indirect form contains the main requirement - weapons and ammunition must be stored in any metal box with a locking mechanism. According to the instructions approved by order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it follows that when storing smooth-bore or rifled-type firearms in a room on the ground floor, the windows of this room should be equipped with swing gratings. The alarm system may not be installed, but the safe must be fixed to the wall. Even there are requirements for fixing bolts, their diameter should not be less than 16 mm. The carrying of ammunition and weapons may be available to citizens only if there is a special document issued by the licensing department. But if the means of self-defense are allowed to be carried with you on condition that there is no cartridge in the chamber and only if there is a holster, then the carrying of hunting or sporting guns is allowed at the time of hunting, training firing, as well as during competitions in sports where weapons. A strict restriction on wearing is implied in case of identified technical malfunctions of the weapon itself or ammunition.

As for gas cartridges and spray guns, it is forbidden to use them after the expiration date. As an exception, it is permitted to use such weapons in carrying out examinations and technical tests. The main duty of a citizen carrying a weapon is to carry an appropriate permit to him. Hunters during the hunt are required to wear and upon request of the regulatory authorities to present an identity card, as well as a hunting ticket. A controversial moment arose with the release of the governmentDecree, which says about making some changes to the rules for carrying and trafficking in weapons. The phrase saying that a citizen has the right to carry weapons as a means of self-defense was literally adopted by society. The vast majority of owners regarded this gesture as permission to carry any weapon, including cold and long-barreled ones. However, an explanation of this decision was immediately published. It says that we are talking only about short-range weapons of the category OOP. Should not be confusedCarrying, as transportation standards are defined for legal entities.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Marriage is a private affair analysis essay

Conflict Situations In The Family And Ways To Resolve Them Examples. A Brief Tutorial “Resolving Family Conflicts
For this purpose, for example, the methodology of the “family thermometer” V. Satir can be used. It provides for the creation of an emotional-psychological atmosphere in which objective problems are honestly discussed, and each family member experiences a psychological readiness for a sincere conversation. An important role in preventing family conflicts is played by the organization of joint outdoor activities and leisure activities. They are aimed at conscious rapprochement and family cohesion. This refers to the organization of both cultural, recreational and recreational activities. Creation and maintenance of family traditions with holidays, surprises, gifts. Joint visits to cinema, theaters, museums, exhibitions, field trips, traveling, respectful attitude to the favorite activities of each family member. In particular, psychological attitudes have a beneficial effect on the formation of a healthy lifestyle by each spouse and the family as a whole (douche, cold training, food hygiene, body care, gymnastics, walking, eliminating a sedentary lifestyle, overcoming negative habits, practicing various types sports). Family councils can provide significant help to newlyweds - the original form of group management of family affairs, including children and other relatives living with the nuclear family. This is a certain system of planning various family issues and overcoming family problems in an open comprehensive, juxtaposing the positions of all members of the family system.

In addition, working in a team is more interesting and fun, especially if this team has previously worked out its own relationship problems. We raise people's awareness. And we need them in order for our own awareness to rise. In teamwork, there is spontaneity, organic consensus, considering the views of everyone as part of the community. There is no view that is directed against the community. This kind of consensus does not insist on more than one thing and does not suppress something else. This consent to go for a while in a certain direction, and nothing more. Be open, but do not insist that others be open. Instead, show people how to follow the process. Work in a group depends on the feeling of the community, on everyone's interest in what is happening, and agreement with him. At least three phases are present in consensus: it can be a state, a goal, or a kind of awareness. In the most common sense, “consensus” is a special state of group consciousness when everyone agrees with each other on some issue. Consensus is a special, group state in which people unanimously go together in a certain direction. But consensus may also be the goal. In this case, unanimous consent becomes not just a passing state, but a prescribed direction, the end result that we are pursuing, the place where we "must go."

Preparatory stage. Before the start of the game, the basic information for each group of participants should be prepared and propagated in the required quantity. If this is not possible, then the basic information can be issued on the chalkboard so that it is available at any time in the game to all its participants. Business documentation is also prepared in advance, which is required for financial and other calculations. The main document of each group is the environmental bulletin, which reflects all the changes taking place in the country's ecology. Another important document is the statement of production records. The environmental bulletin is made in one copy per group, and the product record sheet is eight (for each type of product). Preparatory stage. The coordinator of the game offers participants to unite in small groups, each of which represents a state. Then each group resolves organizational issues: determines the name of the state (any fictitious or real name can be used), selects (appoints) the prime minister, ministers of ferrous metallurgy and machine building, energy and chemical industries, construction and woodworking, light and food industries. The Prime Minister organizes the work of the government, conducts meetings, monitors the situation and helps ministers in their activities.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, in case of divorce of spouses, the section includes all jointly acquired property acquired by the husband and wife in the marriage, regardless of its purpose, specifics and contributions of each spouse to its acquisition. Division of the business: is it subject to division and how? Art. 34 of the IC of the Russian Federation directly indicates the types of property and methods of income that are recognized as common property and subsequently are subject to division. Applicable to general business and its subsequent section, this article expressly indicates that all income received by the familyas a result of entrepreneurial activity, as well as existing shares in any organizations are joint property of the spouses and are subject to division after the divorce or before it. Opinion of expert Alexander Maximov Lawyer. Experience 12 years. Specialization: civil, family, inheritance law. To ask an expert the Section of property can also be a very simple procedure if the spouses can agree and mutually decide the fate of the joint property. If agreement cannot be reached, then it’s impossible to avoid many difficulties when the decision to divide is made by the court. Any business acquired or built from scratch during the marriage is subject to division as jointly acquired property.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Democratic Education

Democratic Education 

Democratic education is an educational ideal in which democracy is both an objective and a method of teaching. It brings democratic values ​​to education and can include self-determination within a community of equals, as well as values ​​such as justice, respect and trust. Democratic education is often specifically empowering, with student voices being equal to the teacher. The history of democratic education spans at least the 1600s. Although associated with a number of people, there has been no central figure, establishment or nation that advocated l democratic education. In 1693 John Locke published some reflections on education. None of the things they have to learn, should never be a burden on them, or imposed on them as a task. Everything that is so proposed, is currently becoming painful; the mind takes an aversion to it, long before it was a thing of pleasure or indifference.

Leave a child, but be whipped his ordained at some point every day, whether he has a mind of his own or not; let him be there, but requir'd him as a duty, where he has to spend so many hours in the morning and in the afternoon, and see if he will soon be tired of any game at this rate. Jean-Jacques Rousseau educational counseling book, Émile, was published in 1762. Émile, the imaginary student he used as an illustration, was only to learn what he could also appreciate useful. He had to learn from his lessons, and learn to rely on his own judgment and experience. "The tutor should not establish precepts, they must be allowed to be discovered", writes Rousseau, and urged him not to learn science Emile, but let him discover it. He also said that we should not substitute books for personal experience because that does not teach us reason; it teaches us to use other people's reasoning; it teaches us to believe a lot, but never to know anything.

While Locke and Rousseau were only concerned with the education of the children of the wealthy, in the 19th century Léon Tolstoï set up a school for the children of peasants. It was on his own estate in Yasnaya Polyana, Russia, in the late 19th century. He told us that the school has evolved freely from the principles put in place by teachers and students; that, despite the predominant influence of the teacher, the student had always had the right not to come to school, or, come, not to listen to the teacher, and that the teacher had the right to did not admit a student, and was able to use all the influence he could gather to win the community, where the children were still in the majority. In 1912 Janusz Korczak founded Dom Sierot, the Jewish orphanage in Warsaw, which was executed on democratic lines until 1940, when he accompanied all his charges to the gas chambers of the Treblinka extermination camp.

The oldest democratic school that still exists is Summerhill in, Suffolk, England, founded in 1921. It has attendance at voluntary classes and a school meeting with broad powers. Sudbury Valley School, founded in Framingham, Massachusetts in 1968, has full democratic governance: The School Meeting manages all aspects of the school, including the recruitment of staff and facilities. A "Sudbury School" is now a general school class based on this original. The term democratic education comes from the Hadera democratic school, the first school in the world called a democratic school. It was founded in Israel in 1987 by Yaacov Hecht. It is a public school. The term has been adopted by alternative / open schools all over the world, mainly as a result of IDEC - the International Conference on Democratic Education, whichwas organized at the democratic school in Hadera.

Role of education in democracy

Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

Education for democratic citizenship and human rights education are closely interlinked and complementary. They differ in direction and scope, rather than purpose and practical implementation. What is the purpose of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC / HRE)? The goal of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education is to provide people with knowledge, understanding and skills that will help them play an effective role in the community, both locally, nationally and internationally. Education for democratic citizenship and human rights education are not only provided in schools during citizenship lessons. They cover all stages of education: from children to young people studying in colleges and universities, and in the field of adult education - vocational training and on-the-job training. You can find signs of EDC / HRE in campaign groups and on child-friendly websites. The challenge is not just to teach children to vote. It is about how to learn practical things in life, for example: to understand family problems without resorting to violence, to learn to resolve game disputes in a fair and reasonable way; understand why neighbors come together to keep the environment clean and safe, and so on. Why do we need EDC / HRE?

Democratic citizenship is a skill, and skills need to be improved. Many schools have previously studied the principles of building government structures, but not many schools have taught their students to express their opinions in the society in which they live and explained why this is important. The word "democracy" comes from the Greek language and means "power of the people." But research shows that most people in Europe are becoming disenfranchised elements of their own political systems. They do not trust politicians, are biased towards political institutions and are skeptical of the value of the right to vote. How does it help young people? Due to their age, children and young people cannot participate in elections or attend court hearings as jurors, but they have rights and responsibilities, so they have the right to have their say. EDC / HRE provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary for school and future family and community life. What about adults? Many adults have lost interest in politics. People are skeptical of political parties and believe that political leaders are isolated from them and their life problems. At the same time, many people are in favor of improving local hospitals and schools, protecting the environment, or against animal cruelty.

EDC / HRE is designed to help these people see how they can gain the right to influence society. There are other obstacles for those who have the opportunity to express their opinions. Sometimes women are deprived of the opportunity to vote or participate in society because they come from families where men have historically dominated. People with disabilities and the elderly may have difficulty expressing themselves because their voices are harder to hear. EDC / HRE aim to give them confidence and improve their interaction with society. Why is the Council of Europe involved? The Council of Europe is the oldest and largest European intergovernmental organization. The 47 member states cover almost the whole of Europe. The Council of Europe takes care of the lives of more than 800 million people living in these countries. The Council of Europe is the "watchdog" of human rights for European citizens, as well as the "guardian" of democracy and the rule of law, ie the best structure for monitoring the implementation of EDC / HRE in Europe. "If freedom and equality, according to some people, can be found mainly in a democracy, they can be achieved sooner if all people participate equally in governing the state."

Aristotle (384 BC “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.” “You must embody the change you want to see in the world.” “To ensure democracy, people must have a keen sense of independence. self-esteem and their combination. "The spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from the outside. It must come from within. In a true democracy, every man and woman learns to think for themselves." "Voting is one of the few things where a boycott in protest is open. exacerbates the problem insteadits solution ". "The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look at it and do nothing." "Responsibility lies not only with the leaders of our countries or those who have been appointed or elected to perform specific tasks. It lies separately on each of us. The world, for example, begins within each of us. If we have an inner world, we can be in peace with those around us. ” Democratic citizenship is not limited to the legal status of a citizen and the right to vote provided by that status. Itincludes all aspects of life in a democratic society. That is why democratic citizenship is associated with a wide range of issues, such as sustainable development, the participation of people with disabilities in public life, gender mainstreaming, the prevention of terrorism and more.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Smoking should be banned essay

Smoking Should Be Prohibited Not Only In Healthcare Facilities
The World Health Organization has called for a complete ban on the use of electronic cigarettes indoors. In addition, sales of these gadgets should be limited so that they are not bought by minors.
Smoking banned

Electronic cigarette smoking 
The key argument used by the authors of the report is that although electronic cigarettes produce lower levels of toxins, there is no evidence that this level is safe. On the contrary, according to a WHO report, some e-cigarettes are just as dangerous to humans as regular tobacco products. In fact, the manufacturers of such devices are denied the presumption of innocence - they are considered harmful by default.

Until there is solid evidence that the vapor released is safe for health, smoking electronic cigarettes indoors must be prohibited. WHO also calls for restricting the sale of these devices and ensuring that these gadgets are not sold to minors. For some teenagers, electronic cigarettes seem to be a more fashionable and safer way to start smoking, although their main task is precisely to help a person give up a bad habit.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Plastic bags should be banned essay

Plastic Bags Harm Animals And Pollute The Environment: But Replacing It Causes Even More Damage
About 40 years ago, plastic bags began to be used everywhere in grocery stores. It also led to clogging cities and oceans very quickly. They clog sewers and cause flooding, clog the environment and kill wildlife. The movement of ecologists and activists is gaining momentum around the world, they insist on the ban on the use of plastic bags in supermarkets. And in many countries, the authorities listened to the voice of the people, plastic was banned. But it turned out that such a struggle for cleanliness leads to even greater environmental problems. The first such laws began to be adopted in the United States. Following new bans for several years, a study was conducted in California that produced unexpected results. Before plastic bags were banned in all supermarkets in California at the end of 2016, 139 cities in the state managed to abandon them on their own. Scientists decided to compare the ecological situation in the cities where the ban was in force and in those where plastic was still used. For six months, a group of scientists spent weekends at grocery stores, counting the types of bags people put in their groceries. They also analyzed sales data for these stores.

Researchers found that these bag bans did what they had to do: people in cities with bans used less plastic bags, which should have reduced the amount of plastic waste that is produced per year by about 18 thousand tons. However, do not forget about another aspect of the use of plastic bags. Many used them to collect garbage and other household needs. When the plastic bags disappeared from the stores, they had to buy them separately. “We found that sales of garbage bags rose sharply after plastic food bags were banned,” said Rebecca Taylor, an economist at the University of Sydney. This is especially true for small 20-liter packages, sales of which after the introduction of bans increased by 120 percent. Trash bags are much thicker, and their production takes more plastic than shopping bags. “So about 30 percent of the plastic that was eliminated as a result of the ban comes back in the form of thicker trash bags,” says Taylor.

In addition, in cities where plastic bags are prohibited, there was a surge in the use of paper bags, which, according to her estimates, led to the emergence of about 20 thousand tons of additional paper waste per year. What's wrong with paper bags? You probably have a legitimate question - what could be wrong with paper bags? They do not even need special processing, soaking and dissolving under the action of ordinary water. That's right, paper really decomposes easily and quickly, which leads to a significant reduction in the amount of non-degradable waste. But here the problem is different. The manufacture of paper bags requires cutting and processing trees, which is associated with the use of large quantities of water, toxic chemicals, fuels and heavy machinery. According to Taylor, although paper is biodegradable and avoids some of the problems associated with plastic, a huge increase in the amount of paper combined with an increase in the number of plastic garbage bags means that a ban on plastic shopping bags increases the amount of greenhouse gases. Reusable bags - a way out? What about reusable cloth bags? We know that many of those who care about the environment choose them.

However, this option can be much worse than plastic. Studies conducted in 2011 in the UK showed that each fabric bag for products needs to be used at least 131 times to make this alternative better for the environment than buying plastic bags every time you shop. The Danish government recently conducted a study that analyzed a large number of environmental impacts and their consequences, including increased greenhouse gases, water use, ecosystem damage, and air pollution. The results showed that cloth bags do more harm than plastic bags. According to Danish scientists, you will have to use a bag of organic cotton 20,000 times more often than a plastic bag for products to make it more environmentally friendly. However, Danish researchers' assessment does not take into account the effect of plastic on land and sea clogging. And this is the key factor that caused the ban. The most environmentally friendly way to carry products is to use the same bag again and again. According to Danish research, the best reusable bags are made from polyester or polypropylene. At the same time, you should use these bags several dozen times, so that they really become a worthy replacement for plastic bags and harm the environment less than they do. Regarding the bag policy, Taylor says payment is more beneficial than a ban. She and her colleagues conducted another study, which showed that when in shops you have to pay for a package, albeit very little, people try to switch to using reusable bags. It will also make life easier for those who reuse plastic to collect garbage or other household needs. Taylor believes the recent New York plastic bag ban legislation is bad policy. It prohibits only plastic, but allows paper bags to be used freely. Taylor is concerned that this will lead to increased paper usage. According to Taylor, the best policy is to charge for paper and plastic bags and encourage reuse.

In New Delhi, a law was passed in 2009 prohibiting the sale, storage, and use of plastic bags, but production was allowed. In 2012, the law was tightened and banned the production of packages. Since it was difficult for law enforcement officers to check the thickness of the packets or determine their composition on the street, the government banned biodegradable packets and all packets thicker than 40 microns, which did not fall under the ban in the previous version of the law. The law also covers transparent film intended for wrapping magazines. Single viewThe bags that are allowed to be used are medical waste bags. In 2007, the tax increased to 22 cents. Thus, the government generated revenues of 75 million euros. The entire amount was allocated to environmental projects. The manufacture of plastic bags and their export from Ireland is not taxed, but this does not apply to imports. In 2010, the government signed a number of decrees and laws aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags. Under absolute ban packageshit since 2018.

Monday, February 25, 2019

How I spent my summer holidays for children

How I spent my summer holidays for children
When weekends come, I spend them with my parents. Usually we go to the cinema for a new film, or walk in the autumn park, or go to visit grandparents. When the vacation comes to an end, it becomes a little sad. Nevertheless, I am glad that the winter holidays and the New Year with gifts are just around the corner. I love the autumn holidays! They give a break in study. It’s only a pity that they are so short. Do not have time to really relax, as it is time for school. But quickly wean you to get up early. I usually spend this vacation at home. The weather is rainy and cold, especially on the street you can’t walk. At home I read books or rummage through the Internet. If the sun peeks out, I go outside. I play with friends, breathe fresh air. Still, the holidays are great! My fall break went well. I went to the village with my relatives. It was interesting to me there. I helped my uncle with the housework. Gave karma to piglets, lamb.

Nature is filled with all kinds of rainbow colors: trees and bushes dress in lush clothes of green leaves, flowers delight with exuberant flowering and incredible aromas, and wild berries are poured with juice. All this is such a bewitching sight that you want to see it constantly, to inhale the heady aroma without stopping and respite. This summer has been very interesting for me. I did not go to some distant warm countries, did not ride elephants, and did not see outlandish places. I spent part of the summer in the city, and in the second half of the summer I lived with my grandmother and grandfather in the village. In the city in the summer I do not like to live, it gets boring here. With the onset of summer, a lot of dust appears, the air becomes heavy, so I want to spend time away from the city. Therefore, when the first weekend of the holidays came, my parents and younger sister went to the zoo. Our zoo is very large, the animals are well looked after, so it does not smell at all. All animals are sitting in large enclosures, they have a lot of space so that you can run and walk. Hooray! Another school year has ended, which means that such a long-awaited summer awaits me.

Where i spent the summer
How she helped seniors in work
Make the most of summer opportunities
Foreign Legion military conflicts
And what shortcomings can manifest themselves in a vacation with my grandmother?  The child is left to his own devices, and the grandmother is busy in the garden, kitchen garden, home.  The reverse option is that the grandmother does not give the child a step to step on her own, everything is supervised.  Instead of a pleasant rest, the child receives garden and occupational therapy.  Grandmother’s educational methods do not coincide with their parental ones (both in the direction of connivance and in the direction of strictness). But you can agree with your grandmother tactfully in order to adjust her behavior in the direction that is acceptable to you. It is enough to find a compromise on the principle of the "golden mean", so that the rest will be pleasant and enjoyable, so that there is a reasonable measure in everything and responsibilities, and in the degree of freedom. Do not forget that a child resting with his grandmother in the village or with his grandmother in the country can miss you. Therefore, plan to visit them for the weekend. At the same time, you can influence the possible disagreements that arise with his grandmother. And besides, get the opportunity to enjoy with them the delights of village life. With you on vacation!

We returned home already in the evening and the green dragonflies chirping with their wings accompanied us along the way. Several times, my classmates and I went to the cinema and just walked and chatted, discussing plans for the future and eating ice cream. And on one windy day, I even managed to test my new multi-colored snake, which was presented to me for my birthday. His first flight was truly graceful! Rainy days did not upset and sadden me, I spent time reading a book, cleaning, or helping my mother onthe kitchen. Summer vacations ran like a moment and left only pleasant memories that will warm in dank autumn and cold winter. And now, September is approaching, the new school year, full of pleasant surprises and knowledge. An essay on the topic: “How I Spent the Summer” This summer, I practically had nowhere to go far to rest, because finances did not allow me. But I can’t call this summer boring. After all, summer is the time when you can walk for a very long time.

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